Courageous Dreaming

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Modern physics tells us that we’re dreaming the world into being with every thought.

Courageous Dreaming tells us how to dream our world into being with power and grace!

The ancient shamans of the Americas understood that not only are we creating our experience of the world, but we are also dreaming up the very nature of reality itself. After all, “life is but a dream.”

Dream YOUR life right NOW; don’t settle for the nightmare being dreamed by others.

This free Masterclass will show you how to wake up from the collective nightmare and begin to dream a life of courage and grace; a sacred practice that the shamans have known about and implemented for thousands of years.

I will reveal this ancient wisdom and explain how to create a reality from the invisible matrix of creation. You will learn how to interact with this matrix and manifest a life of peace, health, and abundance through dreaming. I explain why courage is all that is required to reach the life of happiness we all desire.


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In this free masterclass, you learn to:

  • Dream this world into being
  • Dream your life and your health into reality
  • Wake up from the nightmare of others and become a dreamer yourself
  • Witness the true power of your dreams

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The Art of Dreaming the World into Being

I am a medical anthropologist by training and I spent many years studying with master shamans and healers in the Andes mountains, as well as with the last of the Incas.

These shamans escaped to the high mountain peaks at the time of conquest in order to protect very powerful knowledge that could transform the world.
And this is the technique of Dreaming with your Eyes Open!

These shamans knew that we are always dreaming the world into being.
And if you master your power and ability to dream, you can dream of anything you want, and it will come true!

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Reality is Only Real Because You Are Dreaming It So

Here comes the good news:
You have the power to change the world!
And you don’t even have to put effort into trying to change your environment.
If you master your innate power of dreaming the world into being, you change the world simply by dreaming it differently.

The Forbidden Divine Power

When the people of Europe came to Peru, they were afraid of this immense power of the shamans. According to their religious beliefs, such a divine force could only belong to god.

Thus, the shamans hid and protected this knowledge over the years until a time when it was right to offer it to the rest of the world; when the world was ready to take it in. They managed to preserve this ancient wisdom for so long, but now, it is here to teach you to dream up a new reality!

The Prophecies: The Coming of the New Human Being

The ancient prophecies say that there will come a time, when we will need this precious knowledge to create peace, to learn how to feel mother nature again and to help bring in the arrival of a new kind of human beings.

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I am very much looking forward to seeing you join us on this exciting learning journey!

Warmest Regards,


Alberto Villoldo PhD

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